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Transport for London (TFL) have issued a comprehensive set of guidelines for all passengers travelling by minicab from Monday 15th June.  Please read through the points below before your trip.

  • Anyone suffering from any Coronavirus symptoms is not permitted to travel in a minicab.
  • TFL have stated that a face-covering must be worn by all passengers able to do so whilst they are in the vehicle.  Face coverings can be shop bought or can be a simple home-made cloth covering, or a bandana or scarf that covers the mouth and nose.  Passengers with a respiratory condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering, children under three and people whose disabilities that make it difficult for them to wear a covering are exempt. Please let us know if you fall into one of these categories so we can make a note on your booking for your driver.
  • They have also stated that a driver can refuse to carry a passenger if they are not wearing a face covering, and do not have a valid reason not to.
  • TFL have asked us to advise you that unless you have opted for 1 of our larger MPV5 or MPV6 vehicles, Government social distancing guidelines of 2 metres cannot be met within your vehicle.  It is still fine for you to travel with us, this is just for your information.  If you would prefer a larger vehicle where social distancing guidelines can be met please get in touch for a revised quote.
  • TFL have requested that passengers enter the vehicle via the near-side rear passenger door (diagonally opposite the driver) and sit in the near-side rear passenger seat for the duration of your journey (where only 1 passenger is travelling).
  • TFL have asked us to advise you to only travel either alone or with members of your household.
  • They have stated that where possible passengers should pay in advance by debit/credit to avoid the need for handling cash.
  • Drivers have been requested to keep vehicles well ventilated for everyone’s safety by opening car windows or by using the car’s vents to circulate air from outside.
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