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Minicab Baker Street to/from Heathrow Airport – Reliable Airport Transfers

All Prices per Vehicle

Baker Street to Heathrow

Heathrow to Baker Street*


4 2  2


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EXEC SALOON ?e class 1 3  2  2


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4  3  3


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5  4 5


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*These fares are all inclusive of parking and waiting at the airport.

Please note these are all fixed fares, with no meters or surge pricing.

Meet and greet

If you are arriving at London Heathrow Airport please meet your driver at the following designated pickup points:

  • Terminal 1 Airport Information Desk
  • Terminal 2 Outside WHSmith
  • Terminal 3 Outside WHSmith
  • Terminal 4 Outside Costa Coffee
  • Terminal 5 Outside Costa Coffee

Your driver will be holding a board displaying the Blackberry Cars logo and your name. For further details of our meet and greet service please see our Airport Pickup Guide.

These are all fixed price fares with no hidden extras.

Baker Street, Holmes and Spotted Puppies

Baker Street, the home of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. The pipe smoking sleuth first made an appearance in 1887 Victorian London, residing at 221B Baker Street. ‘A Study in Scarlet’ was the first in a series that would become a national treasure and one of the most recognized set of works in British literature. 221B Baker Street, unfortunately, did not exist at time that Arthur Conan Doyle penned his short stories; however, the tale does have an interesting twist. In the early 20th century, the Abbey National Building Society held an address at 219–229 Baker Street, at which they had to hire a secretary to cope with all the mail addressed to Holmes and Watson. Baker Street is largely dominated by commercial premises today; which is a far cry from the cobbled streets familiar to readers of Sherlock Holmes.

Baker Street is essentially on the periphery of London’s Regent’s Park. Comprised of gardens, a lake, various sports areas and playgrounds, the park is the ideal destination for any recreational activity you can think of. Two of the more popular features of the park are the London Zoo and the beautiful Queen Mary’s Gardens. Regent’s Park can also claim association with some well known fictional characters; notably those two loveable Dalmatians from Dodie Smith’s 101 Dalmatians. The owners of the dogs, the Dearlys, lived close to Regent’s Park and they are seen walking the dogs there in the film adaptation of the book.

Hotels in the area include the aptly named Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, as well as The Georgian Hotel and The Blandford.

These fares are all for fixed price Minicabs between Baker Street and Heathrow Airport. The fares quoted are all fully inclusive, there are no hidden extras.

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